Stop and Smell the Flowers

Have you had a stop-and-smell-the-flowers moment lately?

orange flower

There are times when we should take deep breaths and learn how to relax and keep the stresses at bay.

Speaking of being relaxed, I’ve heard in the news to look out for massage therapists who are not licensed because they ma do more harm than good. These spa and relaxation centers are becoming a dime-in-a-dozen with new ones sprouting here and there. These offer unique relaxation packages using seaweed wraps, chocolates, dead sea salt, coconut extracts and other things you wouldn’t thought will be available to apply on the skin.

If we try to have these stop-and-smell-the-flowers moments, perhaps we wouldn’t need to pay for these services in order to relax. This reminds me by the way, I still have to avail my body massage vouchers which should be used by November 8th 😀

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