Coffee and Sunset View

Yesterday we spent Earth Day and hubby’s birthday somewhere cool and high. We hiked, napped, had picnic, the kids swam, we took photos and just relaxed. We capped off the day with snacks and coffee as we watched the sun set behind the mountains.

coffee cups

Photo posted in Instagram.

It was a lovely day and if we can only stretch it a bit for several more hours, we would do so. I am thankful that there was no mobile signal and I was not tempted to post photos “in the now” and just enjoyed taking photos as we enjoy the moments we shared.

The place was full of people too but we didn’t really see them most of the time because the place is huge. There were those who were on the ziplines, near the pools, in the picnic area or in their rented rooms (like we did a third of the time).

The staff told us during weekends, there are garden weddings happening at the place. It would be nice to take photos of ladies wearing Bari Jay bridesmaid dresses in the gardens though that would mean more people in the premises.

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