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Yesterday’s Almost Sunset Sky

While I waited for the eldest daughter to finish with her extra curricular activities, I took this photo.


I had a great time chatting with my two younger children at the school’s park amidst the chatter and laughter of the varsity players. We talked about a lot of things: what they did, where I went and what my students and I did. We also talked about their homework, projects and even how they want to spend summer vacation and how they want to spend the summer days swimming everyday.

Talk about thinking in advance, lol.

After some time, we delighted in the display of colors of the sunset sky and we captured this:

Sunset Sky

It was a wonderful way to end a rather busy and tiring day.

Red Cup Means Christmas is Around the Corner

One of the things that symbolizes that Christmas is just around the corner, aside from the obvious ginormous trees and totally profit-enhancing ventures would be the presence of these red cups.

Red Cup

Have you had a red cup yet? How many stickers do you already have so far or maybe, how many planners have you collected already? One? Two? Wow.


I remember this word Honky-Tonk as one of the “sounds” my toy piano gives. There are other sounds but I remember this one distinctly maybe because of the word itself.


Anyway, that word came to mind when my daughter, the one in yellow shirt (I don’t know who the small girl is but I think she is the daughter of one of the staff there) complained that this piano in a mountain resort we love to visit has odd and out of tune sounds.

My daughter plays the piano by ear though of course it would be great if she is able to read difficult notes placed on a manhasset music stand beside the piano.

I got curious and Googled honky-tonk and saw this in YouTube. What fun!