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Incomplete Petals

Is it an issue to you if a flower is missing petals? It is a bit to me because I feel sad for the flower. On the other hand, the fact that the flower bloomed and that the missing petals were perhaps ingested by bugs and caterpillars, I guess I just try to see the beauty more than the flaw.


Speaking of incomplete, I need to have a new laptop stand because the half-balls that I use has one piece missing :D This dj laptop stand at musicians friend looks nice except it is for DJ-ing tasks and not for ordinary laptop user like me.


I want to take lovely photos and have these printed as postcards to give to friends.


Of course, I need several things to make this dream possible:

  • be crazy creative
  • have an eye for details
  • have the right kind of equipment but hey, I make do with whatever I have and the results are kinda good according to my friends and of course, they are my friends so…
  • just enjoy taking photos of whatever I fancy and who knows, the right opportunity might come along

Who knows, someone might catch my work and feel these are worthy for

P.S. Not because you have that big lens cam hanging on your neck means you are a photographer already, especially when the setting is on AUTO.