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Colorful Food


Photo first posted here.

We had lunch buffet the other day and aside from these, I had seafood and mostly plant-based food. It was difficult but I managed to not get those creamy cupcakes and chocolate tarts for dessert and instead got fruit slices.


A lot of beautiful photos have been posted about UST or The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of the Philippines.

Am posting two anyway since I have two recent ones when we brought the daughter there for a Sunday course schedule and when we went to hear mass at the same time. On Sunday, Pope Francis will be there to meet the Filipino Catholic Youth and my daughter is one of the thousands of volunteers from the university’s roster of students.


Main Building


Church bells in front of the church

Ceramic Angel

This mobile photographer wants to try a hand at taking photos of toys, capturing minute and intricate details.

Here is one I took a photo of using a mobile phone:

Instagram Photos

This is not exactly a toy but a ceramic angel which was given to guests when my just turned teen son was baptized when he was a few months old.

Silhouette Sunset

I love taking photos and it is just wonderful that mobile photography enables me to do so even if I do not have my camera with me.

Sunday's sunset sky

I took this Silhouette Sunset photo the other Sunday at the church where we go to. We were in a hurry at this time because we had to drop by the area where there were vendors to buy a bottle of water.

There was no time to see what were for sale though judging by the smells, there were yummy food out there and probably no citizen watches nor summer dresses in the stalls.