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Silhouette Sunset

I love taking photos and it is just wonderful that mobile photography enables me to do so even if I do not have my camera with me.

Sunday's sunset sky

I took this Silhouette Sunset photo the other Sunday at the church where we go to. We were in a hurry at this time because we had to drop by the area where there were vendors to buy a bottle of water.

There was no time to see what were for sale though judging by the smells, there were yummy food out there and probably no citizen watches nor summer dresses in the stalls.

Wanlu and his Marionette

This is Wanlu and his marionette performing before a bunch of early graders at last month’s Jolly Cow Fresh Milk My Dream Job in a Glass of Fresh Milk event.


The children had a lot of fun during this event. The puppet show was fun, the music was lively (you’d think you are listening to live music with someone using traktor x1 at guitar center) and the children are so enthusiastic and enthralled with the puppets.


I want to take lovely photos and have these printed as postcards to give to friends.


Of course, I need several things to make this dream possible:

  • be crazy creative
  • have an eye for details
  • have the right kind of equipment but hey, I make do with whatever I have and the results are kinda good according to my friends and of course, they are my friends so…
  • just enjoy taking photos of whatever I fancy and who knows, the right opportunity might come along

Who knows, someone might catch my work and feel these are worthy for

P.S. Not because you have that big lens cam hanging on your neck means you are a photographer already, especially when the setting is on AUTO.