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Blue Hour

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Blue hour for BLACK prompt.

The blue hour happens within a short time frame. If you want to take photos of this particular setting, you have to prep beforehand so that everything you need are within easy reach.

It is during this time that people go home to rest (in the normal world without graveyard shift at work), when everything is supposed to slow down. It is this time when even the birds look for shelter to settle for the night.

Commune Cafe

We went to Commune Cafe last week for a press conference with media people so I wasn’t able to take good photos of my lovely coffee, the food I ate and other parts of the cafe.

Commune Cafe

I love its homey decors and the food they served. Coffee was good too and if it’s not too far and too traffic to go there, I would definitely be back. I hope they’ll have a new branch in QC.

First posted here.

Solitary Time

Sometimes you just want to getaway from the din and just be with yourself, hearing yourself think, listening to soothing music that relaxes and makes you forget the chaos you left behind for a while.


We understand how people put on their AKG studio headphones and seem to shut the world out by listening to their favorite music. I often do this too, when I take the public transportation because I want to shun the chatter and not listen to things I have no interest in.

If only I can do this with my family at any time there is a chance…


Looks like a Zombie Apocalypse Photo

If your imagination runs wild like I do, I say the zombies are coming to eat our brains so run!!!

Instagram photos

As always, I rely on the camera to see things that  are far like this view. I am still on the lookout for glasses that will help me see past the top of my nose. Good thing, I don’t need glasses when I read and go online and can perfectly see what’s on the monitor.

During my free time at home, I like doing window shopping on the web.  One of my favorite sites is for ideas on how to improve our cluttered home. This feels like being at my favorite mall haunt: the hardware stores 😀

Greens in the Mall

One of the best feature of a mall for me would be pocket gardens where people can take a short respite from seeing other people, concrete walls and tiled floors:

Greens in the Mall

photo first posted here

We sure do need the soothing color of green, the sound of splashing water and the cool breeze blowing through the plants.