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View From the Passenger Seat

I am a “passenger seat drive-by photographer” when we go out of town. I think I have almost perfected the art of taking photos from a moving vehicle. Not that the photos are all good but there is always one or two or even more that turns out quite well.

These are the mountains one can see along the SCTEx or the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, on the way to Subic from Clark.

Along SCTEx

Along SCTEx

Love, love the views around here.

Rainy Days

Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger. ~St. Basil

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Rainy days are days I look forward to when the pitter-patter lulls us to sleep, allows us to stay in bed and cuddle with our love ones for a little while longer and to have an excuse to read a good book while drinking a hot cup of coffee. There is that other kind of rainy days though that I dread because it brings with it lots of water that flood our streets, causes the roofs to leak and makes soil on higher places roll down from where it should have been.

Rain washes away the grime and dirt even if brings with it more grime and dirt. It falls to make the earth greener even if it causes disaster when there’s too much.

Do you love the rain?

A River Delta

This is a river delta that we see every time we cross the bridge we are on. I have this crazy thought of getting on the bridge to take better photos and not just these “driveby photos” that I usually get. Soon. Someday soon.

I also long to see the shoreline with which this delta ends with, to feel the sand on my toes and to run wild amongst the pine trees. It may not be as isolated as it was half a lifetime ago when I had a glimpse of that shoreline but I still remember the scene vividly like I just saw it yesterday.

Drive-By Nature Photo

I am getting good with drive-by photos (inserts snaughling sound here) which I believe is true based on how my drive-by photos turn out to be.

Photo first posted here.

Except for that imperfection where a reflection looks like the moon, I got the bird (happy accidental addition) and the river, mountains and the greens, along with a part of the bridge in the frame. Good enough for me.

Here is another drive-by photo.