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A lot of beautiful photos have been posted about UST or The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of the Philippines.

Am posting two anyway since I have two recent ones when we brought the daughter there for a Sunday course schedule and when we went to hear mass at the same time. On Sunday, Pope Francis will be there to meet the Filipino Catholic Youth and my daughter is one of the thousands of volunteers from the university’s roster of students.


Main Building


Church bells in front of the church

Mission Bell

I’d rather visit unusual places than go to malls, even if there is a big, big sale going on. Let me rephrase that, especially if there is a big, big sale going on. The crowd, oh the crowd!


Mission Bell

Mission Bell. I love the simplicity of Mission Bell design and if I have a chance to see the Mission Bell places in California, I’d go there and skip other more famous places.

When I saw this tower looking like a part of a Mission Bell community, I just couldn’t stop taking photos and took several others more.

Night Time at a Country Home

I could stay here for days, even weeks ( as long as my family is with me and we have internet connection, haha). I love the ambience of this country home .

Country house at night

The mosquitoes are a vicious lot and these are bigger than the ones we see flying at home.

Am sure frogs will go a-croaking when the rains come.

I wouldn’t mind these if only to have a brief respite from our neighborhood which is getting worse day after day.

Photo posted here but can’t be seen because of privacy settings.

Red Cup Means Christmas is Around the Corner

One of the things that symbolizes that Christmas is just around the corner, aside from the obvious ginormous trees and totally profit-enhancing ventures would be the presence of these red cups.

Red Cup

Have you had a red cup yet? How many stickers do you already have so far or maybe, how many planners have you collected already? One? Two? Wow.