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Terraforming and Paper on Wood Art

The kids and I (minus the eldest who still has school) went to visit the Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center yesterday at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

From the UP Shopping Center, we walked to the Vargas Museum, passing through the “woods” leading to the parking lot in front of the CAS.

On exhibit at the first level are terraforming artworks by Mark Valenzuela and Pablo Capati III. This exhibit will be up till April 30, 2015.

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

More about this exhibit here.

On the 3rd level are two exhibits: “The Triangle Man and the Flightless Diwata” by Kate Osias and artwork by Dex Fernandez.

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

“My Big Sister Can See Dragons” by Rocky Sanchez Tirona and artwork by Liza Flores.

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

There will be displayed till April 29, 2015.

Two books, each born from two different CANVAS competitions, and brought to life by the collaboration of two pairs of young Filipino writers and artists. Read more here.

The second floor is one where guests will be in awe. Paintings by the masters are on display, Felix R. Hidalgo, Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo among others. It feels like even talking in whispers is like a violation of the place where history comes alive via the strokes in the paintings.

Photos are not allowed. AND please, do not touch the paintings.

Jorge B. Vargas Museum

The kids asked that we rest for a bit before going home.


Jorge B. Vargas Museum is located at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Entrance fee is Php30. As with all museums, this is closed every Monday.

Commune Cafe

We went to Commune Cafe last week for a press conference with media people so I wasn’t able to take good photos of my lovely coffee, the food I ate and other parts of the cafe.

Commune Cafe

I love its homey decors and the food they served. Coffee was good too and if it’s not too far and too traffic to go there, I would definitely be back. I hope they’ll have a new branch in QC.

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Nurturing the Artistic Tendencies

One of the ways parents can nurture the artistic tendencies of their children is not just to have them enrolled in art lessons. They have to be exposed to different kinds of visual arts techniques for them to find inspiration to be creative in their artistic pursuits.


Children are naturally inspired but parents have to create an atmosphere that will make them feel so to beable for them to nurture and grow their artistic tendencies.

One of our children has artistic and musical tendencies and we try to have a balance between the two, When this child is not honing artistic skills, she is playing with her guitar and learning new songs to play too. And yes, there is a request to have a newer and bigger one and so we look at products at musicans friend for ideas.

Nurture these gifts for the arts and music so that we have a more beautiful world to live in.