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Skinny Dipping Book

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Skinny Dipping ebook

Last week’s book was Connie Brockway’s “Skinny Dipping”. It was a fun read with unconventional and eccentric lead characters in wonderful setting in Fowl Lake, Minnesota. I love Connie’s historical romance and in my other e-reader, I will be reading another one of her works entitled “The Songbird’s Seduction”

Brownies and coffee (here with a little milk) is also featured in my other IG account with the current ebook that I’m reading.

Sound of the Waves

The Wave Song

Photo first posted here.

The sounds that the waves make are like a rhythm that brings peace to one who is craving for an escape from life’s complexities. It’s like music to the ears that soothes the hurts and pains that the heart feels with the constant ebb and flow that creates a pattern of constancy and reliable expectations.

Drive-by Photos

Drive-by seems misleading because I am not the one driving since I am on the passenger seat.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the different times we traveled to my home province:

There is a river here going to the sea, where we once stopped to wade in the water.

Fire trees line the road before (or after) toll fee booths.

Massive amounts of sand being mined but these have stopped now, thank goodness.

Rainy afternoon. There used to be a metal bridge here but now it’s gone, to make way for a wider bridge with concrete barriers.

On a fairly new bridge under a river bed that is not being dredged. Why not? so there is another reason to build an even newer bridge.