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Jan11: Fresh Fruits


 Jan11 Gratitude Journal was not posted on time because I think I have already fallen in deep slumber even before my head hit the pillow. (i exaggerate of course but that what it felt like) Technically still Jan11 elsewhere so here goes the things I am grateful for today…

* work, specifically my writing work which challenges me to think and read about things i won’t “normally” read on my own. Try this: borborygmus

* having a market nearby where fruits for our daily RAWkin fresh juice can be bought at half the price in the supermarkets

* family dinner with everyone present

* Richard Castle and Sherlock Holmes (fan girl mode)


December 12: A Christmas Ballet Concert

A photo from  A Christmas Ballet Concert at the Ayala Malls with Steps Dance Project in cooperation with Ipanema and Grendha.

Steps Dance Project: A Christmas Ballet Concert

Excerpts from the Nutcracker plus a few fast Filipino Christmas songs completed the 30-minute show.

It was a good show and my children who watched with me were delighted.We love the colorful lights that played on the stage creating colors and “making magic”. The costumes were wonderful and the young dancers were great.

November 29: Scattergories Dice

Last week had us troop to the Toys ‘R Us sale for some bargain hunting.

I got toys for the children for Christmas (which they themselves picked! LOL) and two small canisters of games: Hasbro’s Taboo and Scattergories Taster or party packs.

The die/dice in Scattergories looks interesting so I took a photo:

November 29: Scattergories dice

We haven’t played with this game yet but we already started with the Taboo canister 🙂