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Rotary Phone

How long has it been since you saw one? Or better yet, how long has it been since you actually used one?

Back in the day, when our place started installing these rotary phones in a few homes, I wanted to have one but my mother insisted that we need not do so. Why? Because I can just talk to my classmates in school instead. There is also that part of the budget that will go to the monthly fee which may be used for another thing rather than paying for a phone bill.


Looking back makes me compare how difficult it was back then to get some of even the basic things we need unlike now that almost everything we need to know is just a click (or a tap of a finger) away. In that case, let me just look for godin xtsa from guitar center in the world wide web.

Black and White

I posted this photo below in another blog. This was originally posted in Instagram.

artwork in black ink

I sure do hope my eldest daughter made this because her creative juice was runneth ovwr and not because she is fighting against doing some heavy scholastic tasks.

I’m sure there are people who’d rather doodle or stare at empty space rather than listen to heavy stuff like AAP Training or significance of molecular biology in agriculture or even the theories of existentialism. Heavy stuff huh? It depends on whether you are interested or not 🙂

Chinatown Charms

Chinatown Charms for those who want to be “lucky” after the Chinese New Year:

Chinatown Charms

Do you believe that charms, precious stones and numbers (among others) can actually make your life better?

Photo processed and posted in Instagram.