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Ceramic Angel

This mobile photographer wants to try a hand at taking photos of toys, capturing minute and intricate details.

Here is one I took a photo of using a mobile phone:

Instagram Photos

This is not exactly a toy but a ceramic angel which was given to guests when my just turned teen son was baptized when he was a few months old.

Floating Balls

Nope, this photo below is not fake nor it is a part of a visual reporting dossier.

Floating balls

These are in fact floating plastic balls in a swimming pool. Yep, photo looks fake.

Photo first posted here.

These floating balls were used during a weekend family outing we had to celebrate the second birthday of the youngest member of the family.These plastic balls provided a lot of fun to the kids, who resorted to playing catch and just plain annoying other by hitting them like snowballs.

I don’t think they brought these balls back home. I think not.


Wrestling Action Figures

This is the youngest child’s new toy: a less than a hundred pesos worth of Wrestling Action Figures.

Action Figures

I don’t know why she suddenly had an interest in wrestling, watching these matches in YouTube videos and now buying these action figures. I hope she won’t ask for award ribbon holders for the wrestling “belts” toys she might collect 😀

Asked why not dolls? “Dolls are boring” was the gist of the reason why she loves action figures more than cutie-patootie dolls.