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Mobile Photography

Mobile photography is like instant gratification. You take a photo and share with friends online.

Children can be taught to take photos using mobile phones, such as this:

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Cameras now have wifi capabilities to enable the file sharing easier but I don’t think I would be getting one soon.

Photo first posted here.

Solitary Time

Sometimes you just want to getaway from the din and just be with yourself, hearing yourself think, listening to soothing music that relaxes and makes you forget the chaos you left behind for a while.


We understand how people put on their AKG studio headphones and seem to shut the world out by listening to their favorite music. I often do this too, when I take the public transportation because I want to shun the chatter and not listen to things I have no interest in.

If only I can do this with my family at any time there is a chance…


Nurturing the Artistic Tendencies

One of the ways parents can nurture the artistic tendencies of their children is not just to have them enrolled in art lessons. They have to be exposed to different kinds of visual arts techniques for them to find inspiration to be creative in their artistic pursuits.


Children are naturally inspired but parents have to create an atmosphere that will make them feel so to beable for them to nurture and grow their artistic tendencies.

One of our children has artistic and musical tendencies and we try to have a balance between the two, When this child is not honing artistic skills, she is playing with her guitar and learning new songs to play too. And yes, there is a request to have a newer and bigger one and so we look at products at musicans friend for ideas.

Nurture these gifts for the arts and music so that we have a more beautiful world to live in.

Rainy Days

Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger. ~St. Basil

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Rainy days are days I look forward to when the pitter-patter lulls us to sleep, allows us to stay in bed and cuddle with our love ones for a little while longer and to have an excuse to read a good book while drinking a hot cup of coffee. There is that other kind of rainy days though that I dread because it brings with it lots of water that flood our streets, causes the roofs to leak and makes soil on higher places roll down from where it should have been.

Rain washes away the grime and dirt even if brings with it more grime and dirt. It falls to make the earth greener even if it causes disaster when there’s too much.

Do you love the rain?