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Mobile Photography

Mobile photography is like instant gratification. You take a photo and share with friends online.

Children can be taught to take photos using mobile phones, such as this:

Blog Photos

Cameras now have wifi capabilities to enable the file sharing easier but I don’t think I would be getting one soon.

Photo first posted here.

Summer is Here

And so it begins… the heat, the humidity, the lack of appetite for food but not for ice cold drinks, the breeze-less night, the headaches, and the parched throat. I love-hate summer.

Here are a few summer (mobile) photos taken for the past few weeks:

Bougainvillea and summer heat, a "drive-by" photo.

Posted here.

Almost summer.

First posted here.

No More Orange Leaves

First posted here.

Camping Site

First photo here.

Drive-By Nature Photo

I am getting good with drive-by photos (inserts snaughling sound here) which I believe is true based on how my drive-by photos turn out to be.

Photo first posted here.

Except for that imperfection where a reflection looks like the moon, I got the bird (happy accidental addition) and the river, mountains and the greens, along with a part of the bridge in the frame. Good enough for me.

Here is another drive-by photo.