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Skinny Dipping Book

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Skinny Dipping ebook

Last week’s book was Connie Brockway’s “Skinny Dipping”. It was a fun read with unconventional and eccentric lead characters in wonderful setting in Fowl Lake, Minnesota. I love Connie’s historical romance and in my other e-reader, I will be reading another one of her works entitled “The Songbird’s Seduction”

Brownies and coffee (here with a little milk) is also featured in my other IG account with the current ebook that I’m reading.

Colorful Food


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We had lunch buffet the other day and aside from these, I had seafood and mostly plant-based food. It was difficult but I managed to not get those creamy cupcakes and chocolate tarts for dessert and instead got fruit slices.

Home-Based Business Ideas

These scrumptious food reminded me of an article I’ve read about people who cook food at home and sell the extra portions to others who are too busy to do so.

At The Maya Kitchen last Saturday, scrumptious food prepped by Chef Myrna Segismundo of Restaurant

The recipes are here:

crusted guinataang halo-halo

boneless lechon

Chicken Inasal

Ubod Salad with Turnips and Pomelo

Dulong in Olive Oil

Somehow the idea is worth thinking about especially since working people tend to go home late due to the worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila. Of course, there is that problem in how to get the cooked food to the clients, considering the traffic situation itself.

This is a good business idea for stay-at-home moms because they can prepare the food while the children are in school. Another good home-based business is cheap jewelry wholesale which a friend is doing, making colorful bead bracelets for people who order from her with their favorite colors used in the beads.