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March 24 Mobile Gaming

I’m glad we didn’t buy our kids handheld gadgets. Mobile gadgets nowadays are better than these handheld gaming gadgets. Or maybe it’s just me.

March 24 Mobile Gaming

Oh, a classmate of one of my children has 3 handheld gaming devices. How could he possibly play with all those things?

March 22 Feverish

A week-long of taking care of my daughter who got sick took its toll on me. It was no wonder I got sick after she got well. At least, she was ok already when I got sick myself:

mar22 Feverish

One question: Who takes care of mom when she gets sick?

March 21 Origami Basket

Origami Basket made by the young daughter. I take no credit for the creation of this basket because I ask her how she does these things. She loves origami. Oh, and she is 9 years old 🙂

mar21 Origami Basket

Back in 2008, when this daughter was just 5 years old, we were already doing simple origami for our homeschooling activities.