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Thinking of the Beach

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The water is so blue. It is also warm and inviting. Thinking about breezy warm days at the beach while the skies are overcast and the rains have started to pour on this Ocotober 2016 day.

Sound of the Waves

The Wave Song

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The sounds that the waves make are like a rhythm that brings peace to one who is craving for an escape from life’s complexities. It’s like music to the ears that soothes the hurts and pains that the heart feels with the constant ebb and flow that creates a pattern of constancy and reliable expectations.

Floating Balls

Nope, this photo below is not fake nor it is a part of a visual reporting dossier.

Floating balls

These are in fact floating plastic balls in a swimming pool. Yep, photo looks fake.

Photo first posted here.

These floating balls were used during a weekend family outing we had to celebrate the second birthday of the youngest member of the family.These plastic balls provided a lot of fun to the kids, who resorted to playing catch and just plain annoying other by hitting them like snowballs.

I don’t think they brought these balls back home. I think not.