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August 12 : Leche Flan

Leche flan is a much-loved dessert in this family. even if there was a cake waiting to be sliced, we just had to get leche flan for dessert 😀

leche flan

Leche flan photo first posted here.

These little things bursting with creamy goodness accompanied the Chicken sisig for lunch.

Dusty When It’s Windy

Summer is here and that means we get to see a lot of brown outdoors: dried leaves, dried grass, and dust.

Zambales during Summer

On this same road though not in this area but from where this bridge used to be, we have encountered a “sand storm” where strong winds blew off the sand from the dry river. These are not actually sands from the river bed but from dried lahar (or mud flow from a volcano).

I’d rather it is hot with some rain showers than have a lot of rains which cause flooding. Of course, the hot weather means crops die too but too much rain causes more damage to people and properties than just dying crops.