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Blue Hour

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Blue hour for BLACK prompt.

The blue hour happens within a short time frame. If you want to take photos of this particular setting, you have to prep beforehand so that everything you need are within easy reach.

It is during this time that people go home to rest (in the normal world without graveyard shift at work), when everything is supposed to slow down. It is this time when even the birds look for shelter to settle for the night.

December Dusk SKy

I love December skies during dusk. I really do. However dramatic and vivid summer sunsets tend to be, I still go for December sunsets.

December dusk sky

Must be something that I learned to love when I was growing up because I used to spend the week after Christmas near the beach for church activities.

Photo above was taken using hubby’s android mobile. And yes, I held my breath when I took the photo.

Photo posted in Instagram.