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View From the Passenger Seat

I am a “passenger seat drive-by photographer” when we go out of town. I think I have almost perfected the art of taking photos from a moving vehicle. Not that the photos are all good but there is always one or two or even more that turns out quite well.

These are the mountains one can see along the SCTEx or the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, on the way to Subic from Clark.

Along SCTEx

Along SCTEx

Love, love the views around here.

Have Fun

Summer time for children means having fun, fun and more fun!

Isn’t it just great to just have fun under the sun without worrying about getting sun burned, without thinking about homework and projects or without fear of side effects of lipo30? Ok, maybe scratch the last part…


Personally I want my children to enjoy the carefree play of childhood years which I had when I was younger. I want them to go bath in the river or hike grassy hills or eat mangoes under the mango tree.

Now, that was fun 🙂

River Sunset

I love taking drive-by photos. I think I have “mastered” this task a bit using my mobile gadget and point and shoot camera.

River Sunset

Sunsets at the beach look good but river sunsets? Now this is an unusual photo for me and I definitely like how it was captured.

Photo processed and posted in Instagram.