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Early Morning Light

Round plants

Early morning light from the sun, here we are the university church where my eldest daughter studies. It is a rare day indeed that we are up and about before sunrise, and on a Sunday at that.

Do you love mornings? I do! I wake up early to prepare the things needed for the day. I love waking up to the sound of chirping birds outside our windows. I like how the early morning rays play through the screen at the back part of the house where we can see the sun rise. Don’t you just love puttering in the house when everyone is still asleep?

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Red Cup Means Christmas is Around the Corner

One of the things that symbolizes that Christmas is just around the corner, aside from the obvious ginormous trees and totally profit-enhancing ventures would be the presence of these red cups.

Red Cup

Have you had a red cup yet? How many stickers do you already have so far or maybe, how many planners have you collected already? One? Two? Wow.