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Jan15: Stained Glass


Jan15: last mass sked in this church we frequent where the priest talked about the irony of so many street children and the feast of Sto. Nino.

This got me thinking in terms of RH Bill but… oh well…gratitude journal is dedicated to

* being able to have a wonderful partner in life who is not only hands on but is good with our kids.

* simple meals made special by eating together because we stayed in and did our “go out after dark” Sunday routine again.

* 50% off purchase of English loaf and Wheat loaf. After all these years that French Baker is in the supermarket we always go to, it was only tonight that I was able to buy there at half the price. Yey! 😀

I am looking forward to what the new week will bring.


Jan14: Empty Shelf


These empty shelves are what’s left ever since heavy rains seeped from the ceiling to the walls last month, destroying the books i use with some of my students.

Still, I am grateful that…

* i was able to save the more recent and more important teaching materials i have from utter uselessness

* i had the chance to “meet” Katniss and Peeta in digital print. I cant wait to watch them on the big screen soon

* i had the chance to challenge someone’s thinking skills without giving too many clues and prompts

enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Jan13: Old Maid Card Game


Again…argh! No I didnt forget my gratitude note and photo of the day yesterday. By 8pm I was on my way to dreamland and it was a miracle i heard the beeping around 10pm to signal hubby and Ate are home. Slow day today but nonetheless I am grateful for…

* spare time to catch up on reading

* early weekday lunch with the hubby

* getting a big thanks for providing stimulation for a student’s dream to take up creative writing as a course which had the Bunso ask that I do the same for her

* several rounds of this card game (yes, the deck of cards worth 10petot lol) and digital Pinoy Henyo version with a student and my kids = super fun!!!


Jan12: Tree-Lined Street


Jan12, 2012. It was not a really long and busy day today but both the hubby and I agreed we feel more tired than usual. Still there are many things to be grateful for today like…

* an order of 50% sugar and less ice pearl milktea 😉

* being able to go home early and without difficulties

* a possible good role for the son for their drama club’s play in March

* the eldest child selected to dance the Cotillion for their prom (mygaz i still cant believe it. The prom!)

* trees that are still here giving shade and making the world look nicer. (if only SM in Baguio City will respect the trees there then it would even be nicer)

I still have some tasks to do and after that Sherlock’s The Hounds of Baskerville can finally be watched. I hope I will finish this and not sleep on it like last night.

I hope I can dream about how good it will be in 2050 🙂


Jan11: Fresh Fruits


 Jan11 Gratitude Journal was not posted on time because I think I have already fallen in deep slumber even before my head hit the pillow. (i exaggerate of course but that what it felt like) Technically still Jan11 elsewhere so here goes the things I am grateful for today…

* work, specifically my writing work which challenges me to think and read about things i won’t “normally” read on my own. Try this: borborygmus

* having a market nearby where fruits for our daily RAWkin fresh juice can be bought at half the price in the supermarkets

* family dinner with everyone present

* Richard Castle and Sherlock Holmes (fan girl mode)