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Stage Performance

I have this dream of seeing my children perform onstage like these kids. My eldest daughter playing the piano while the two younger ones are playing guitars.


I know it’s a good start that we have these musical instruments, a piano (at my MIL home), a guitar for the kids and a Korg at home but the children are reluctant to be taught by other people.

They just resort to playing “by ear’ or watch video tutorials on how to play.

I hope I could still convince them before they get a bit older.

Jan16: Stuffed Bear and Guitar


Jan16, 2012. first day of impeachment proceedings but i “tuned” out to concentrate on finishing house chores. Am grateful for…

* being able to catch up on at least one ep each of Richard Castle’s and Patrick Jane’s tv series while I straighten out wrinkles and creases. lol

* the two younger ones being in the shortlist of math quizbee participants

Tomorrow is a long day and so to bed I will now stay.