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I want to take lovely photos and have these printed as postcards to give to friends.


Of course, I need several things to make this dream possible:

  • be crazy creative
  • have an eye for details
  • have the right kind of equipment but hey, I make do with whatever I have and the results are kinda good according to my friends and of course, they are my friends so…
  • just enjoy taking photos of whatever I fancy and who knows, the right opportunity might come along

Who knows, someone might catch my work and feel these are worthy for http://www.printingamerica.com/

P.S. Not because you have that big lens cam hanging on your neck means you are a photographer already, especially when the setting is on AUTO.



I love taking photos of doors. I have a few posts with doors here, here and here. I think I have other posts but am too tired to look for these, lol.


Anyway, here is my MIL’s house door with a quaint ceramic chimes hanging on it. I’m sure in the next week or two, we will be seeing Christmas decors on it.



River Sunset

I love taking drive-by photos. I think I have “mastered” this task a bit using my mobile gadget and point and shoot camera.

River Sunset

Sunsets at the beach look good but river sunsets? Now this is an unusual photo for me and I definitely like how it was captured.

Photo processed and posted in Instagram.