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Stick Insect

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Stick Insect

A tiny stick insect on a green leaf. These insects have different sizes and can be easily missed because they blend in the environment well. This photo was taken using a point and shoot camera using macro setting. Very mininal VSCO filter was used to lessen the greens.

Clear Water

We went hiking three weeks ago, in search of a waterfalls. We did this during high noon. Talk about crazy eh?

It was hot yes, but not blistering hot because the mountain breeze was cool. There was one problem though, we didn’t wear any Backpacking Boots. I wore my rubber slippers and though it was not slippery on the way down the water falls, it made me think how unprepared I was for the hike.

There’s my pair of feet, one foot is struggling to keep still so I won’t slip, lol:


We had so much fun! The kids went swimming after we hiked.

This Is a Guava

Yes, this is a guava, just in case you’re wondering what that is all about.


I remember the son’s field trip two months ago when I asked several of his classmates to name what this fruit is. I got several answers but the closest thing I got was a calamansi or calamondin.

When I said it is in fact a guava, my son was surprised because he said he knows guavas are big, way bigger than this one. Ack! He is correct in a sense because we buy those big yellow green guavas. The oldest child loves to munch these guava slices. Continue reading