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Red Flower

I do not know the name of this red flower. It is a lovely one to say the least. I saw it at a Sunday market which we go to time and again if we have time (read: if we wake up early before the stalls close before 1pm).

I took this photo when the MIL and the hubby were talking about equote life insurance as the former was looking for plants to buy. Talk about multitasking.

red flower

Photo first posted here.

One thing that made me post this: I took this photo using a low MP camera phone but wonder of wonders, proper light and position made the photo clear and crisp.

Bell Peppers

I love bell peppers. This photo of bell peppers that I took a long time ago is one of my favorite photos. In fact, this is under an album named “For ScreenSavers”. I have also printed some of the photos there using HP toner cartridges. There were some photos there that I had printed from a photo printing shop.

Bell Peppers

Green bell peppers on pizza is one of my favorite smells, 😀 I know, weird.

Chinatown Charms

Chinatown Charms for those who want to be “lucky” after the Chinese New Year:

Chinatown Charms

Do you believe that charms, precious stones and numbers (among others) can actually make your life better?

Photo processed and posted in Instagram.