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Picnic at the River

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One of the highlights of our 2016 summer vacation was when we went to this river. The children and their cousins swam in the big pool-like holes. They stayed in the silver tent for some snacks. My cousin and I stayed in a little pocket pool. These pocket pools were made by the big machineries quarrying the rocks. It was too hot to stay longer so we went back to have lunch at home. These simple bonding moments with family are the things we look forward to whenever we go back home to visit.

Thinking of long gone summer days in the midst of a typhoon.

Have Fun

Summer time for children means having fun, fun and more fun!

Isn’t it just great to just have fun under the sun without worrying about getting sun burned, without thinking about homework and projects or without fear of side effects of lipo30? Ok, maybe scratch the last part…


Personally I want my children to enjoy the carefree play of childhood years which I had when I was younger. I want them to go bath in the river or hike grassy hills or eat mangoes under the mango tree.

Now, that was fun 🙂