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Staying In

bike ride

We love road trips. It was just unfortunate the hubby and I got sick during this long weekend that we just had a staycation.

It was really a long weekend we could have enjoyed but being sick (he is still sick, am a bit better because I got the bug first) is really not something we anticipated. I have been planning to go someplace where the hubby can put his bike on thule racks so he can ride on it when I remember that he gave his bike away. Yep, he did and to say ti was a fine bike would be a bit of an understatement. Anyway…

Everything will be better, I can feel it especially now that the children are coming back.

I know I am rambling such as my stomach is rumbling too because I am starving.

Gotta eat first.



Drive-by photo of a part of NLEX or North Luzon Expressway.

Though a bit drab because of the lack of vegetation, still a nice relaxing view for me. Except when the farmers burn dried leaves from their rice harvest.

Processed and posted in Instagram

Jan7: Road Trip


on the way to a birthday ball down south. grateful for

*a chance to celebrate a milestone with a dear family friend

*bonding time of the kids and their cousins

will enjoy the night and yes we have arrived after 5 hours of travel



I love it when it drizzles. If, however, the drizzling becomes stronger, that is another story.


When we took a scenic mountaintop road trip a few weeks ago, it was slightly drizzling. It was no surprise to see the highway devoid of vehicles with bike racks on the roofs.

This road is a favorite of bikers and motorcycle riders. It is also one of the highways used for music videos, photos shoot for cars and even tv ads with road trips scenes.

We’ve been to this place several times but we never seem to get tired of going there.