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Starfish And it’s Yellow Underside

Starfish and it's Yellow underside

Photo first posted here.

Yellow underside of a starfish. It really makes me wonder why sea creatures are so colorful despite the fact that they are mostly underwater. It turns out, according to an article that I read, that communication signals, mating, camouflage, territory and other factors are used for color information and fine spatial information to encode species identity.

And at the rate the ocean degradation is happening, these shallow water colorful sea creatures won’t have much protection from mostly humans who them more harm and damage. So please, put back these starfish and other sea creatures in the water if you are done taking their photos. As much as possible, leave them where they belong: to the sea.

Brown Starfish

Brown Starfish with Bumps

Brown Starfish

I don’t know what kind of starfish this is. The bumps are a bit scary and reminds me of a Stegosaurus dinosaur.

We got these starfish during low tide, put them in a tin can with saltwater and brought to where we were staying for a photo opp.

Of course we brought them back again after we were through taking their photos.