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The Earth Gives

The Earth Gives



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The earth gives and we take away. Have we done anything to give back to the one that gives it all and until there’s no more? Have you plundered more than you’ll ever need because you want to have a lot of money in your pockets, more food than you can eat, more bags and shoes than you can ever use, burn a lot of carbon foorprints and leave nothing to those who toil the earth so you can enrich yourself?

Flower Garden

Once upon a time, I tried to have a flower garden. We had flower plants with blooms and orchids. The orchids were full grown ones given to me as gift by a mom of a student. Talk about free flower delivery :)

orange flowers

Alas, I did not have enough green thumb skills to keep these alive and thriving.

I found my green thumb though, when I discovered I can grow herbs and even “harvested” calamansi last year. This is much better, according to my husband ;)