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Stick Insect

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Stick Insect

A tiny stick insect on a green leaf. These insects have different sizes and can be easily missed because they blend in the environment well. This photo was taken using a point and shoot camera using macro setting. Very mininal VSCO filter was used to lessen the greens.

Sand Dollar

Sand dollar

Sand dollar

Sand dollars have different colors. These live in shallow waters. When they are not submerged in water, sand dollars dry and turn to silvery-white. These are fragile and easily break. When you see sand dollars on the shore away from the waters, put these back so that they won’t dry.

Instagram photo.

The Color Purple


Purple is said to be the color of royalty, of nobility, of strength, of mystery and of magic. Combining red and blue, purple feels like a strong color. In some countries this is the color associated with mourning.
Purple too is a favorite among young women.

Blue Flowers



The Earth Gives


As a teacher, I encounter different answers from different children. If a child says that some flowers are blue, some trees are red, not all clouds are white and the moon can be seen at day, then that child (or children) can be assumed to be in tuned with what nature has shown and how the environment has influenced him/her in observing the things happening around. It is always a good idea to teach children how to observe and respect nature so that their generation can enjoy the Earth’s lovely places and in moderation, its bounty.