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Skinny Dipping Book

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Skinny Dipping ebook

Last week’s book was Connie Brockway’s “Skinny Dipping”. It was a fun read with unconventional and eccentric lead characters in wonderful setting in Fowl Lake, Minnesota. I love Connie’s historical romance and in my other e-reader, I will be reading another one of her works entitled “The Songbird’s Seduction”

Brownies and coffee (here with a little milk) is also featured in my other IG account with the current ebook that I’m reading.

The Little Things


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Happiness is enjoying the little things in life: a smile, a pat on the back, a little breeze to help cool you down for just a minute, a warm sunshine after days of rain, a glass of cool water to ease a parched throat or a little weed flower that grew amidst the overgrown front yard grass.

These little things, compared to the grand scheme of life, are often unappreciated and unnoticed but when we look back, we realize that these made us feel more loved, more alive, more appreciative and more joyful.

Sound of the Waves

The Wave Song

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The sounds that the waves make are like a rhythm that brings peace to one who is craving for an escape from life’s complexities. It’s like music to the ears that soothes the hurts and pains that the heart feels with the constant ebb and flow that creates a pattern of constancy and reliable expectations.


Who would have thought these beads for beading and accessory making will look good on a photo. I “staged” the green beads to make a number seven but I just drop the lace, button and lock without arranging these to make it look a bit random:


I want to think my luck number is 7 because this is my birth month. What’s your lucky number?

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Commune Cafe

We went to Commune Cafe last week for a press conference with media people so I wasn’t able to take good photos of my lovely coffee, the food I ate and other parts of the cafe.

Commune Cafe

I love its homey decors and the food they served. Coffee was good too and if it’s not too far and too traffic to go there, I would definitely be back. I hope they’ll have a new branch in QC.

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