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Nurturing the Artistic Tendencies

One of the ways parents can nurture the artistic tendencies of their children is not just to have them enrolled in art lessons. They have to be exposed to different kinds of visual arts techniques for them to find inspiration to be creative in their artistic pursuits.


Children are naturally inspired but parents have to create an atmosphere that will make them feel so to beable for them to nurture and grow their artistic tendencies.

One of our children has artistic and musical tendencies and we try to have a balance between the two, When this child is not honing artistic skills, she is playing with her guitar and learning new songs to play too. And yes, there is a request to have a newer and bigger one and so we look at products at musicans friend for ideas.

Nurture these gifts for the arts and music so that we have a more beautiful world to live in.

Pinto Art Museum

We love going to places that are not the usual places where people flock to. In other words, we’d rather go somewhere a bit far without the crowds and we avoid the malls at all costs unless we really need to buy something important.

This same philosophy applies to the education trips that my children go to. They’ve rappelled, zip-lined, waded and bathed in waterfalls and rivers, did spelunking and even had obstacle courses.

Anyway, the husband and I went to Pinto Art Museum last May and we had a wonderful time looking at the artworks displayed there. The place, which looks like a Mission Bell place is just great and you seem to be lost in time absorbing all the visual feast that touches the heart and soul.

Here are just some of the photos I have shared online. When I say few, I mean few because I took more than 600 photos while we were there for three hours. Hah.


stairs from the bedroom

Tingga'ng Baluti by Salvador Alonday

Tingga’ng Baluti by Salvador Alonday



My 800th Instagram photo: Pinto Art Museum.


Here is another one, an outdoor photo.

A photo of my husband in a contemplative mood, sitting on one of the boulders that is a part of the museum itself.


There are some more photos of Pinto Art Museum in my Instagram gallery.