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View From the Passenger Seat

I am a “passenger seat drive-by photographer” when we go out of town. I think I have almost perfected the art of taking photos from a moving vehicle. Not that the photos are all good but there is always one or two or even more that turns out quite well.

These are the mountains one can see along the SCTEx or the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, on the way to Subic from Clark.

Along SCTEx

Along SCTEx

Love, love the views around here.

Simple Joys

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Let children enjoy simple joys like feeling the waves of the sea hit their feet, the warmth of the sun on their skin and the wind on their faces.

Let children be children and experience play without the gadgets and laughing just because they are having fun.

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Mobile Photography

Mobile photography is like instant gratification. You take a photo and share with friends online.

Children can be taught to take photos using mobile phones, such as this:

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Cameras now have wifi capabilities to enable the file sharing easier but I don’t think I would be getting one soon.

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Solitary Time

Sometimes you just want to getaway from the din and just be with yourself, hearing yourself think, listening to soothing music that relaxes and makes you forget the chaos you left behind for a while.


We understand how people put on their AKG studio headphones and seem to shut the world out by listening to their favorite music. I often do this too, when I take the public transportation because I want to shun the chatter and not listen to things I have no interest in.

If only I can do this with my family at any time there is a chance…