Rainy Field Trip

Rain could be fun or not, depending on what you are doing and where you are. In this case, the rains came when the 3rd graders on a field trip were walking to where the animals can be seen in a zoo. They did enjoy walking in the drizzle all right but there was this bit of worry that they will get sick.

After the rains, they got to feed fish in a man-made lagoon.

Rainy Field Trip

It used to be that rains especially drizzles are something we look forward to especially when we are able to take beautiful photos like this yellow flower and this orange flower both taken from this particular field trip.  I still do look forward to  and welcome drizzles except when it does, MegaManila becomes one big parking lot. Ugh.

Glad my daughter didn’t get sick when it rained during this field trip.

Please take time to listen to a music video of “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma currently one of my favorites:

3 thoughts on “Rainy Field Trip

  1. Ewok

    Walking in the rain is fun, but there is a big chance of catching cold. I remember dancing in the rain when I was young. That was fun.

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