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Origami Art

Here is a photo of a box and samurai helmet (looking like one of the Angry Birds characters) that my student did last Saturday. That’s him with his head DROPped because the activity had proved a bit difficult for him.


My 9yo daughter helped us do these origami patterns because she is better at it even if my
student and i combine our abilities to follow instructions for origami art 😀

Happy photohunting! More entries here.


Playing checkers with bottle caps on a flat wooden board.


I wonder what kind of stories were swap between or among those who gathered together as the players play this game. I myself love playing checkers. A few years ago, I enjoyed playing this with my PDA.

The use of bottle caps is ingenious, because when one cap is lost, you can just easily open a bottle and you get a new replacement. This is unlike using titanium rings. I wouldn’t want to use these rings with this board game of course 😀

Rainy Field Trip

Rain could be fun or not, depending on what you are doing and where you are. In this case, the rains came when the 3rd graders on a field trip were walking to where the animals can be seen in a zoo. They did enjoy walking in the drizzle all right but there was this bit of worry that they will get sick.

After the rains, they got to feed fish in a man-made lagoon.

Rainy Field Trip

It used to be that rains especially drizzles are something we look forward to especially when we are able to take beautiful photos like this yellow flower and this orange flower both taken from this particular field trip.  I still do look forward to  and welcome drizzles except when it does, MegaManila becomes one big parking lot. Ugh.

Glad my daughter didn’t get sick when it rained during this field trip.

Please take time to listen to a music video of “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma currently one of my favorites:

Let There be Light

I love taking photos of lights and as a sample, here is my post with photos about lights for a 2007 Photo Hunter light theme.  Below are two Christmas-y lights from last year’s Christmas season:

Christmas garland window dressing

Christmas lights garland window dressing in my MIL home.

Nutcracker Lights TriNoma

Lights for the Nutcracker Ballet Christmas show held at TriNoma last 2010.

Artificial lights are wonderful but nothing beats natural light, especially coming from the display of colors of a lovely sunset:

Manila Bay sunset

Happy weekend!