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Drive-By Nature Photo

I am getting good with drive-by photos (inserts snaughling sound here) which I believe is true based on how my drive-by photos turn out to be.

Photo first posted here.

Except for that imperfection where a reflection looks like the moon, I got the bird (happy accidental addition) and the river, mountains and the greens, along with a part of the bridge in the frame. Good enough for me.

Here is another drive-by photo.

Road Trip Essentials

Road trip.

Road trip.

Who doesn’t love road trips?

Do you have a list of the things you need to bring when going on a road trip?

  • enough clothes (and appropriate ones too)
  • full tank
  • GPS or road maps
  • money or credit card
  • packed food just in case you can’t eat the food available in the place you are going to
  • charged gadgets or bring your own portable back ups (get Battery Heads here)
  • pillows in the car to keep you comfortable

Above all else, drive safely and have fun.