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I remember this word Honky-Tonk as one of the “sounds” my toy piano gives. There are other sounds but I remember this one distinctly maybe because of the word itself.


Anyway, that word came to mind when my daughter, the one in yellow shirt (I don’t know who the small girl is but I think she is the daughter of one of the staff there) complained that this piano in a mountain resort we love to visit has odd and out of tune sounds.

My daughter plays the piano by ear though of course it would be great if she is able to read difficult notes placed on a manhasset music stand beside the piano.

I got curious and Googled honky-tonk and saw this in YouTube. What fun!

Stage Performance

I have this dream of seeing my children perform onstage like these kids. My eldest daughter playing the piano while the two younger ones are playing guitars.


I know it’s a good start that we have these musical instruments, a piano (at my MIL home), a guitar for the kids and a Korg at home but the children are reluctant to be taught by other people.

They just resort to playing “by ear’ or watch video tutorials on how to play.

I hope I could still convince them before they get a bit older.


This is my daughter, playing a few tunes in the piano, while waiting for the time to dress up for her prom last week.


This is the piano in my MIL’s home which my husband uses to play. It is in need of repair because some keys don’t play anymore while the others are a bit difficult to use. The piano hinges are also in need of repair.

The children in the family love to play here too. When there are visitors, hubby plays what they would request and there would be lots of singing.