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Laguna de Bay

Driveby photo of Laguna de Bay on the way to this country house for a day (an afternoon for me, my husband and son) of swimming and bonding with family (the girls went ahead of us):

Laguna de Bay

I think we were in Jala-jala or Pililia when I took this photo.

This would be a nice setting for a few days of quiet and rest after this school year is over. I’m thinking of lying down on a hammock under coconut trees (with the coconuts picked of course!) while listening to my daughter play her affordable acoustic bass guitar to the beat of soft music which will lull me to sleep.


One other thing: I hope this place doesn’t have a particular smell.

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Night Time at a Country Home

I could stay here for days, even weeks ( as long as my family is with me and we have internet connection, haha). I love the ambience of this country home .

Country house at night

The mosquitoes are a vicious lot and these are bigger than the ones we see flying at home.

Am sure frogs will go a-croaking when the rains come.

I wouldn’t mind these if only to have a brief respite from our neighborhood which is getting worse day after day.

Photo posted here but can’t be seen because of privacy settings.

Five Lights

This is the ceiling lights fixture at the MIL’s home which I love to take a photo of. I just like taking photos of ceiling lights and sometimes even sitting on worship furniture pews, I want to look up and take a photo or two of church ceiling lights. These are just waiting to be photographed 😀

Looking Up

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Here is another looking up photo.