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Early Morning Light

Round plants

Early morning light from the sun, here we are the university church where my eldest daughter studies. It is a rare day indeed that we are up and about before sunrise, and on a Sunday at that.

Do you love mornings? I do! I wake up early to prepare the things needed for the day. I love waking up to the sound of chirping birds outside our windows. I like how the early morning rays play through the screen at the back part of the house where we can see the sun rise. Don’t you just love puttering in the house when everyone is still asleep?

Photo first posted here.

Looks like a Zombie Apocalypse Photo

If your imagination runs wild like I do, I say the zombies are coming to eat our brains so run!!!

Instagram photos

As always, I rely on the camera to see things that  are far like this view. I am still on the lookout for glasses that will help me see past the top of my nose. Good thing, I don’t need glasses when I read and go online and can perfectly see what’s on the monitor.

During my free time at home, I like doing window shopping on the web.  One of my favorite sites is for ideas on how to improve our cluttered home. This feels like being at my favorite mall haunt: the hardware stores :D

Greens in the Mall

One of the best feature of a mall for me would be pocket gardens where people can take a short respite from seeing other people, concrete walls and tiled floors:

Greens in the Mall

photo first posted here

We sure do need the soothing color of green, the sound of splashing water and the cool breeze blowing through the plants.