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Ceramic Angel

This mobile photographer wants to try a hand at taking photos of toys, capturing minute and intricate details.

Here is one I took a photo of using a mobile phone:

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This is not exactly a toy but a ceramic angel which was given to guests when my just turned teen son was baptized when he was a few months old.

Jan16: Stuffed Bear and Guitar


Jan16, 2012. first day of impeachment proceedings but i “tuned” out to concentrate on finishing house chores. Am grateful for…

* being able to catch up on at least one ep each of Richard Castle’s and Patrick Jane’s tv series while I straighten out wrinkles and creases. lol

* the two younger ones being in the shortlist of math quizbee participants

Tomorrow is a long day and so to bed I will now stay.


Stacking Cups

Alaala ng mga laruan ng aking mga anak.

Stacking Cups

Isa ito sa mga laruang itinago ko. Laruan pa ito ng panganay ko na 15yo na ngayon. Marami yan, bago ko ibinigay sa anak ng kapatid ko, nilinisan ko muna. Bittersweet moments siyempre, kasi senyales na lumalaki na nga ang mga anak ko.

At tumatanda na kami ni hubby, waaahhhh!