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Back at these Hallways

Benitez Hall, UP Diliman

Flashback Friday and grad school memories: Back at the hallway of UPD Benitez Hall.

It felt like I was back in time when I attended a talk last Friday about a controversial topic.

From Benitez Hall

Memories came rushing by: friends who I became friends with after grad school, the rush to photocopy reading materials for the next topic, walking to where we can ride a jeepney to go home, going across the building to buy fishballs and banana cue and simply savoring quiet time at the library to study.

I enjoyed my stay and I have learned so much from our professors and from my classmates as well.

If only I am not too busy being a mom of three kids and a teacher, I would definitely want to go back to school again.

For now, I gotta read about knobs from reidsupply.com for a home project in the works.