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Yellow Flowers

I wandered outside in this garden we went to, looking for flowers to photograph while the hubby was talking with friends about cars, high pressure hydraulic hose, fuel injection and things that are familiar terms to me but nonetheless unfamiliar at the same time.

Something beginning with F : flower

i don’t know what this flower is called, but it sure does smell funny. There were other colors of the same flower, in dark pink, light pink, a combination or both pinks, as well as an orange variety.

Help, what is this called? I also think this plant is like a weed or grass or something wild.

Flowing Stream

Would you readily put your feet in a flowing stream or are you the type who wants to use a digital ph meter first? I know someone who does, 😀


A stream this small (or wait, is it a creek?) is like a rare gem find for us, city dwellers. We have to travel a ways (60+ kilometers)

Photo first uploaded here.