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Walking Path

I love walking especially on walking paths and trails. I have yet to test my new pair of shoes because I haven’t used it more than twice yet, especially for long distance walking.

Walking Path

Walking is one of the more inexpensive exercise. This should be encouraged in residential areas and I’m am sure moms and dads with baby jogger strollers will definitely welcome the idea of having walking paths where they live.I know I do, so we won’t have to travel somewhere else just to have a good place to walk.

And yes, more often than not, travel time becomes the excuse to not go at all.


Walk This Way

Walking is one way for me to de-stress, except of course when I am in a hurry kind of walking.

Walk This Way

Walking among trees/plants is something I look forward to because I not only feel I am one with nature but with every step I make, AI become more aware of the things I see (well, not that much because I’m almost blind), smell, and touch (if allowed 😀 )

I am however particularly irked with people who light up a smoke when they are in places like the one in the photo. Unlike some people who have switched to getting electronic cigarette wholesale deals, majority of smokers still smoke the old fashioned way. *moves away from them*

Photo taken at Paradise Ranch in Clark, Pampanga.

Educational Field Trips

Educational field trips can be fun! Let me rephrase that, field trips usually are not much fun to children unless these are done in fun places.

This photo is a part of my son’s field trip last year where they learned about green living and recycling among others. They are on their way down a hill for some river wading moments.

Going Down the River

My youngest child went to visit the home of the country’s national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. They also went to a farm where she went fishing.

My eldest child meanwhile did nature walk, river wading and rappelling with her classmates.

Educational field trips are fun!!